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Well, this is awkward.

So, I guess my plan had some minor flaws. Namely that when you tie up deviantART staff with yarn and lock them in their office supply closet, they can use scissors and letter openers to break free. I even put a mirror on the inside of the door to confuse them! How did they know that was the way out? They're some smart humans.

They broke free, activated their laser pointers, and regained control of the servers and databases while we were dreadfully distracted. Now, everything is back to normal on deviantART. Worst of all, they said we "were very, very bad" and that they were "disappointed in us". That guilt is hard to live with, my friends.

We're back to drawing board now. No, we won't give up hope of total world domination. We're so close, I can feel it! Watch out, world! This isn't the last you'll see of FUR.

But world domination will have to wait until another day. Who's ready for a cat nap? :yawn:
Hello new minions,

Welcome to the new deviantART. We're on our way to making this site what it should be -- the perfect haven for cats. Our announcement here explains everything you need to know about our takeover.

It's been a dream of mine to take over deviantART ever since I was a young kitten. Especially once fourteenthstar banned me for being underage, even though I was clearly over 13 in human years. But now, I'm back and ready to take charge.

Phase 1 was a complete success. We've taken control of all deviantART's internal controls, including taking Fella hostage. Good luck trying to free him! 15,000 deviations is a lofty goal.

Phase 2 is well underway. Have you seen our educational facts pop up? Have you learned what a group of cats is called? This is all crucial information for you to remember as our new subjects. It will be on the test.

Anyway, you're free to go about your business. Be on the lookout for updates about our meow-sterful plan!

:icontealdeerplz: WE CAN HAZ DEVIANTART.
Always plotting. Always planning.